Enable the Farmers with information so that they can make informative decisions on farm and farm economics. this will done via various Channels Always help farmer to reduce the input cost to improve the farm economics. When we will scale up we would be able to save 3,55 billion of work hours which can be reinvested in farming activities mraginalising the todays labor problem for farmer and will be able to save $ 581 million dollars of fuel Year on Year which is .50% of Indias Petroleum Import Bill.




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Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh

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Telangana Country: India

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There are plethora of things that can be addressed in Agriculture.

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Information dissemination and Marketplace for Agriculture

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  • Selected as top 100 Social Entreprenur in India by Action for India Forum

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Agriculture Ecosystem has plethora of problems at every node. With help of ICT we have established the module called which is disseminating the Audio Visual Best Practices, Alternative economic streams, innovation on Agri. Later we will work few innovations in supply chain (already Identified) and help farmers to reduce farm input costs by 10% to 40% which will be great impact farm economics. and we could contribute to avoid financial stress on farmers to certain extent. As farm economics is the key to farmer suicides we are hoping to give a hope to them via ICT i.e.

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Farmers and Agribusiness Companies

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