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We will enable to create largest job&skill in India also other country and every nation economy will raise by our largest poverty free e-commerce and e-direction devices and policy webpage application innovation will support to all nation public,private and government will following our is in - Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Energy and Low Carbon Technologies and new finance secure e-wallet model systems product&services application will benefited to every bottom level common masses will pull out from poverty with purchase power to boost all market through our micro shareholder & stock exchange pre e-IPO




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Mumbai Country: India

Target problem

We welcome all public,private and Government all Public(poor will pull out from poverty ) Private ( end to end live demand&supply support of SQL ASP.net all sale,marketing from factory outlet to consumer end Government will free from all burden(all tax&revenue recovery) services at lowest cost e-governance of SQL ASP.Net www.antiquebank. We therefore requests to all nation Gov. world's largest portfolios of poverty free commerce e-(IPO) of Antique Bank App a micro shareholder&stock exchange finance model of live hand cash and bid registration will support to every country unemployment youth extra earning/trading of world's stock exchange of any nation stock market will merge in our Antique Bank App end user for young youth of every country we will create largest job&skill BPO,KPO and reduce burden of employment dept.of Gov.

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Antique Bank App a micro shareholder&stock exchange pre e-IPO

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  • The winners of Developers Premier League 2013-14 July Program DPL Team-the search for India's Best Enterprise Developer Teams Antique Bank App development& captained by Mr. Pradeep Gohil. Other team members: Tushar Gohil
  • Microsoft innovate+91 India Technology specialist champion
  • Nasscom & IAMAI 2010 top ten application best emerge new innovation of Mobile Internet Devices(MID) enterprise category Antique Bank
  • Intel reward net book for Mobile Internet Device (MID) application innovator

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· Improve the ease of conducting live hand cash transactions registration data for an individual or multiply · Build a transactions history to enable improved credit access and financial secure inclusion. · Reduce the risks and costs of carrying cash at the individual level. · Reduce costs of managing cash in the economy. · Reduce tax avoidance · Reduce the impact of counterfeit money. 2. Scope · Provide access to financial services to every citizen along with ability to conduct non cash transactions · Electrification of Government Collections by equipping each collection desk with a method to accept non cash receipts · Migrate payment transactionsdata from cash dominated to non-cash through incentivization of electronic and disincentivization of cash based transactions · Enhance acceptance infrastructure in the country to promote electronification of transactions · Encourage Government, Corporate, Institutions and merchant establishments to facilitate cash payments security

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