Avani Bio Energy




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Region of operation


Headquarters address

Tripuradevi-1vis Berinag, Berinag, Uttarakhand Country: India Zip: 262531

Target problem

Avani Bio Energy is a for profit entity, which builds power stations to generate clean electricity and cooking charcoal from ecologically harmful pine needles. ABE’s business will reduce carbon emissions, create entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing reliable access to electricity in remote villages, reduce drudgery for women in collection of fuel wood and create employment. In doing so, ABE will help in conserving the bio-diversity and fostering rural development.

Key product / Service

Clean electricity

Team size


Number of beneficiaries


Awards and recognition

  • Outstanding achievement award in energy conservation for 2011
  • Rajnish was given the Amazing Indians Award by Times Now

Funding and Operating Model

Funding round

Series A

Total funding raised

$ 190000

Business details

ABE generates clean electricity which is sold to local power utilities. . It is setting up small scale (100-150 KW) power plants in the villages and will bundle them to create an impact at every stage of the value chain. ABE has pioneered the process of generating clean electricity through gasification of pine needles. Rural people are employed to collect the littered pine needles. Electricity generated is evacuated to the grid and the residual charcoal is briquetted for cooking needs. The business is generating employment and cooking charcoal for 2000 families, and reduce 95,000 carbon reduction units. 2.5 MW of power generation capacity will impact more than 1.25 million lives in the coming years. Acumen’s investment in Avani will allow the organization to create 20 operational plants within five years, providing reliable electricity for more than 58,000 people and enabling hundreds of households to move from kerosene to pine charcoal.

Partners and key clients

1. Uttarakhand Power Corporation Limited – ABE has signed a 20 year PPA to sell power. 2. State Forest Department – ABE has received exclusive rights to collect pine needles. 3. D Lab, MIT – ABE gets the technology support from D Lab for charcoal briquetting. 4. Santa Clara University – ABE had worked with them to develop the business model. 4. Acumen invested in the first 120 KW unit. 5. The technology partner of ABE is Cummins.



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