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Shrikrishna Hegde Ullane CEO & Founder @ Bidrakan, Siddapura Uttara Kannada Karnataka Country: India Zip: 581355

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It is an online platform. It means connecting farmers to customers.It is an on ground effort to support farmers to develop value added products and reach a wider market with them. This will create a real increase in income for them. They worked with nearly about 300 farmers to test this concept on ground. I am happy to make an announcement. It successfully worked in connecting the village producer with customers. We help with product development, marketing and make the connection to customers, build trust between customers and farmers They give them awareness about the marketing and opportunities available and work with them and encourage them to setup cottage industries to produce Valued Added Products. By doing this they want to increase their share in the Value chain.

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Connecting farmers to customers

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As a future development they wanted to introduce the farm tourism which helps the farmers to earn extra income and it also helps the city people to experience the farming and village life.

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First of its kind online platform for farmers



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