About Us

Impactpreneurs seeks to be the World's largest Wikipedia on social enterprises.

First conceived by Varun, Impactpreneurs seeks to address the information gap in the social business space by engaging the community and use of technology. There are several efforts like angel networks, social conferences and others. However, technology-driven ecosystem efforts with system effects seem to be wanting. Impactpreneurs is a technology platform to plug this and provide a way to make all these initiatives more effective.

There are many needs for information - for matching investors and businesses; for bringing together workers, advisors and business; helping create partnerships and also analyze macro trends and bring out insights. Impactpreneurs seeks to be the primary information source for all these and more.

We sincerely believe that this will help social enterprises non-trivially to scale faster and be more effective. Power to them!

A year back we were looking to invest in a few social enterprises. We found it extremely hard to find easy and qualified information about social enterprises. To filter information systematically was another challenge. On the other hand, We believe that there are a lot of interesting SEs around the world. It is just hard to find and sort through them. This lack of information deters fast growth of SEs in the country.

We wish to have a technology-backed platform that crowdsources reliable information on social startups. And Impactpreneurs was born....

We wish to create the largest and live Wikipedia of social enterprises.

We wish to provide:

  • Insights into the impact space to its users and business.
  • Provide a way for investors and innovative companies to find each other.
  • Provide a platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their work to the community.

Our three guiding principles:

  • Fulfil information gap in unbiased way
  • Use technology
  • Be community driven

Impactpreneurs is a community platform. We need you to make it successful! The best way you can help is to become an editor, help add/correct information and add new companies. If you want to do more:

  • Become a moderator. You need to add at least 10 companies with high-quality information and you can become a moderator. As a moderator, your responsibility is to check information added by editors and make them live on impactpreneurs!
  • If you want to do more, become a Geography Champion. To start a new geography, we need to seed at least 50 companies from the country. If you or through a network of volunteers can make this happen, we will love you!!!