What is Impactpreneurs?

Impactpreneurs is a platform to discover innovative social enterprises and people behind them who are trying to change the world. We aim to become the largest crowdsourced directory to help you track all the activity in the social development space. We want you to be able to follow your favourites companies, track investment deals and learn about some of the exciting business models.

Sounds interesting !! But who will contribute all the information ?

We are a crowdsourced platform - which means anyone can contribute a new entry or make edits to improve the existing information. We believe that crowdsourcing is the most effective way to create the world’s largest directory of social enterprise information. The more the number of people who contribute, the more comprehensive this gets !

And how do you ensure accuracy of information?

We rely on our community to keep up-to date and accurate information. We believe that as our community grows it will develop a self-regulating mechanism. Think about Wikipedia.

Additionally we have placed certain checks to ensure quality standards:

  • Every new entry will be moderated by us within 24 hours to ensure that spammers are kept away.
  • Our dedicated sector moderators will curate information of some of the most exciting companies in the space and this will be shown to you in the form of an Approved badge on the respective profiles

Impressed ?

Go ahead and track the work being done by some of the most awesome people in the development space. Also, showcase your own organisation or add your favourite to help Impactpreneurs grow.