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Region of operation

Punjab, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Gujrat, Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, Karnataka, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu

Headquarters address

Rajashree Saroja Plaza, No 34/1, Andree Road, Shanthinagar, Bangalore, Karnataka Country: India Zip: 560027

Target problem

Janalakshmi's mission is to emerge as a full scale financial services provider for the Indian sub prime sector. The sector includes the urban poor as well as the larger segment that has difficulty accessing financial services.

Key product / Service

Micro-Credit, Micro-Insurance

Team size


Number of beneficiaries


Awards and recognition

Funding and Operating Model

Funding round

Higher than Series B

Total funding raised

$ 71666666.67

Business details

Operating Model: 1) JFS branches are monitored by a Branch Head (BH), and are divided into 2-3 “areas”, each monitored by an Area Head (AH). 2)JFS targets urban, low-income women, mostly working as domestic help, factory workers and doing some entrepreneurial activity either alone or with family members. 3)Each branch has at least 1 CRE-M( Customer Relationship Executive-Marketing) who identifies new areas for group formation and liaises with the public, explaining the terms and conditions of JFS’s loans to them. 4)The Customer Representatives -Sales (CRE-Ss) then train interested applicants over 2 days. 5) After a pre-disbursement confirmatory meeting which reiterates product terms, the disbursement is made at the branch.

Partners and key clients

The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, Lok Capital, Bellwether Microfinance Fund, Tree Line Investment Management Limited, Citi Venture Capital International, India Financial Inclusion Fund (IFIF), Gawa Microfinance Fund I, Morgan Stanley Private Equity Asia, Tata Capital Growth Fund, QRG Enterprises



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