Founder companies:
Name K. Ahmed Khan
Background K. Ahmed Khan is an Indian scientist and businessman who made success in using plastic for road construction.[1] He is the founder of KK Plastic Waste Management Pvt.Ltd.He along with his brother Rasool Khan,stung by protests to ban plastic, hit upon the idea of recycling plastic and mixing it with bitumen to lay roads. Thanks to their enterprising spirit, they have so far laid almost 1,000 km of roads — Lalbagh Road, Cunningham Road, Old Madras Road and many others — in the city with recycled plastic. RESEARCH & IMPLEMENT Rasool, the director of K K Plastic Waste Management Private Limited, tells Bangalore Mirror how the brothers came up with the idea of recycling plastic for roads: ""In 1996, there were demands for a ban on plastic. Our entire livelihood depended on plastic as we manufacture plastic bags for our company called K K Polyflex. We also had about 100-odd employees working with us. So we thought of researching on alternate uses of plastic.""
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