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865/8/D – Makarpura GIDC, Vadodara Country: India Zip: 391110

Target problem

1.The farmers of India do not consider organic farming as a profitable business.There is lack of information about it.Traditional methods are harming the environment as well as not being able to return proper revenue to the farmer. 2. The consumers do not know about the quality of the food they purchase.They are totally about the conditions in which they are grown.

Key product / Service

Agri-consulting, agricultural product doorstep-delivery

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Business details

On the first hand, Krishi Naturals provides free consulting to farmers about organic farmers. It also provides low-costs assets to farmers. On the other hand it is engaged with customers who subscribe its doorstep-delivery of quality organic produce. It is also involved in production of A2 milk i.e. milk of indigenous cows.This distribution model, based on seasonal subscriptions, provides farmers with a stable, predictable income and ensures that only crops that can be guaranteed to be sold will be grown, reducing food wastage.The marketing of the company is mostly by 'word-of-mouth' so the marketing cost is cut hugely. The biggest challenge is persuading farmers that organic methods can maintain crop yield and to offer them access to new markets.The enterprise now wishes to cater to larger markets of Surat, Ahmedabad and Rajkot and reach 10,000 farmers in the next 5 years.It also aims to improve genetic quality of more than two to three lakh indigenous breed of cows.

Partners and key clients

DBS Bank India. Farmers near the urban localities. Customers are the urban residents.



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