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Region of operation


Headquarters address

"LifeSpring Hospitals Private Limited H. No: 11-4-523 Chilkalguda, Secunderabad, Telangana, Landmark : Near Gandhi Statue and Chilkalguda Bus Stop Country: India Zip: 500025

Target problem

It tries to provide standard maternity services at low-cost in high-density area populated by low-income groups. It also provides paediatric care to newly born babies, including immunizations, and offers diagnostic services, pharmacy and healthcare education to the local communities.

Key product / Service

Maternity and Neonatal care

Team size


Number of beneficiaries


Awards and recognition

  • UN World Business and Development Award
  • Founder Anant Kumar recieved Frost & Sullivan Award for being the “Mother and Child Health Care Provider of the Year” in India

Funding and Operating Model

Funding round

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Total funding raised

Business details

A for-profit organisation, has not utilized donations or grants for core operations.Financial self-sustainability is key to its model and potential for scale.It prices its services at 30-50% of prevailing market rates.At the core of LifeSpring’s business model is its focus on maintaining low costs.Through regular activity-based costing analyses,it keeps a close eye on costs per service.Four primary means- 1st: service specialization and high asset utilisation. 2nd low-capital expenditure model, which for new hospitals, entails entering into long-term leases with site owners. 3rd Innovative outsourcing of partnerships. 4th effective marketing."" -Anant Kumar, Founder KEY DIFFERENTIATOR: Follows a cross-subsidy model, whereby customers in the semi-private and private wards would subsidize customers in the general ward.

Partners and key clients

Partners: Acumen Fund and HLL Lifecare Limited



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