Milk Mantra




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Region of operation

Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Coastal Odisha

Headquarters address

7-8th floor Z Estate, Patia Bhubaneswar Country: India Zip: 751024

Target problem

Milk Mantra works closely with rural dairy farmers on their needs and the quality of their products, and at the other end, innovates on the packaging formats for an urban population in Eastern India.Farmers in rural areas tend to get low prices for their products due to the existence of a middle man.It acts as direct communication channels between the market and the consumer.

Key product / Service

Milk and milk products

Team size


Number of beneficiaries


Awards and recognition

  • Best Medium Scale Company’ by Orissa Assembly of Small & Medium Enterprises (OASME)
  • Founder was awarded the “Emerging Business Leader Award” in 2014

Funding and Operating Model

Funding round

Higher than Series B

Total funding raised

$ 16000000

Business details

About 2,500 farmers from villages in and around Puri are part of Milk Mantra’s network. These farmers have been supplied with bulk coolers in which milk can be cooled to less than 4 degrees Celsius. Chilled milk is then dropped off by the farmers at stipulated collection points . The milk is then taken to Milk Mantra’s state of the art dairy processing plant in Gop, near Konark, where fresh milk and paneer are processed. A German firm, Multivac, provides the technology for packaging paneer, while the milk is kept fresh through a three-layered lamination process. The milk is then sold through retail outlets as well as delivered home.Ethical Milk Sourcing Programme ensures that farmers have access to the best prices as well as quality processing services. They have set 2 plants in Odisha at Gop and Sambalpur.Further the plan is to set up a plant in western Odisha, with a capacity of 150,000 litres a day, and increase the capacity of its processing unit to 200,000 litres a day.

Partners and key clients

1. DeLaval -partners in bringing the best cold chain solution for milk sourcing 2. Ernst & Young - manage stringent financial governance standards 3. Tertrapak-processing technology partner



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