Aims to provide safe and clean water to everyone in a sustainable manner. Waterlife provides safe water solutions with sustainability at all levels: Social-We provide high quality safe water at an affordable price, so that even the people at the bottom of the pyramid can have access to it. We bring in an inclusive approach that involves all key stakeholders in the community. Economic- We create revenue streams to ensure that the solution is self sustaining Environmental-We provide solutions that are “Green” and “Environmentally Friendly”.




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Region of operation

Maharashtra,UP,Bihar,West bengal,karnataka

Headquarters address

Plot No.650, House No. 37-18/91, Defense Colony, Sainikpuri , Secunderabad, Telengana, Phone: 040 27112426, 040 27119496 Country: India Zip: 500094

Target problem

Vayugrid helps farming communities grow oilseeds and use the Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO) in applications such as agriculture, rural transport and distributed power generation. The company aggregates both supply and demand of oilseeds in local rural communities. The company focuses on production in marginal and arid lands so as not to impact food supply.

Key product / Service

Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO)

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Business details

As a team we set out to address key challenges that impact Agriculture, Marginalized communities and their development around arid/semi-arid/unused & intercropping land, Rural Development, the environment & natural resources & Communities, via a renewables based for-profit inclusive market driven model in India, with demand side Community2B/B2B/B2G and B2Community markets for distributed agriculture energy, transportation, industrials and derivate markets.

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