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Investopad 18, Sector - 32 Gurgaon Haryana Country: India Zip: 122001

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Zenatix' mission is to empower energy consumers with data, insights and recommendations that will drive energy savings. Their solutions enable the energy consumers monitor their energy consumption pattern at various system/appliances levels, and take actions based on the recommendations driven by their energy analytics.

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ZSmart technology

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$ 200000

Business details

Zenatix, co-founded by alumni from IIT Delhi, IIM Ahmedabad and UCLA, provides an energy analytics product that helps building managers save at least 10% energy using intelligence from the energy data. With a very simple "pay-as-you-go" model that involves no upfront investment, Zenatix creates an obvious go-to option if you are bothered by your increasing electricity bill. Our product is a combination of hardware and software. The hardware includes energy meters, temperature/humidity sensors and Zenatix controller. Zenatix controller pulls data every 30 seconds from these meters and sensors, and pushes it to a cloud server. If the customer already has the meters/sensors and an operational BMS installed, we can also pull the data from such existing infrastructure. Based on the collected data, the software provides easy-to-understand dashboards that help building managers understand the energy consumption at various levels in real time. Moreover, it generates alerts (SMS/email) whenever there are deviations from the optimum operations. Our product is also capable of automatically controlling (on/off) electrical loads based on the intelligence delivered by the software. Among many, exemplary uses of the product include - alerts when the HVAC (or other loads) shouldn't be operating, optimum start and stop of HVAC based on the outside weather and cooling rate of the building, and optimization of night and weekend load of UPS. The product automatically generates daily reports specifying the energy consumption for the day, and its comparison with pre-defined benchmarks so that building managers can easily keep a tab on the energy spend across buildings and within each building. Besides helping commercial/industrial consumers with optimizing their energy consumption, Zenatix is also developing state of the art Smart Grid Solutions for optimal demand side and supply side management.

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